Our Team

We are passionate about science and scientists. Building on formal training in ecology, physical oceanography, biomechanics, and environmental science, we blend our real-world professional experience from federal and regional policymaking, journalism, writing, teaching, conservation, and consulting worlds. Our experience and networks poise us to support and connect science and scientists.

For a decade, we have been active practitioners in science communications- supporting and coaching scientists while also observing many of the conditions that can nurture, or hinder, effective science communications. We blog about our experiences and observations.

Because we are a distributed organization, office addresses can be found associated with particular staff members. Our main office is in Portland, OR.


Interim Executive Director
Director of Finance and Administration
Director of Science Outreach
Director of Policy Engagement
Assistant Director of Policy Engagement
Trainings and Communications Manager
Program Associate
Policy Engagement Associate
Events and Operations Specialist
Policy Engagement Specialist
Science Communication Coach
COMPASS Coordinator

Board Members

Chair: Michael Sutton
Dawn Wright
Donald Boesch
Lynn Scarlett
Lynn Scarlett
Mary Ruckelshaus
Steve Gaines
Vikki Spruill