We ensure the latest science informs, frames, and catalyzes transformative policy discussions. We synthesize existing science, seed new collaborations, and jumpstart new ideas to advance the science and create opportunities to connect scientists and their work to decision-makers. Recent efforts have included the science of ocean acidificationecosystem servicesecosystem-based management, and climate change.


One effective way to amplify the voice of science is to synthesize existing knowledge. This can take many forms, including peer-reviewed journal articles, books, consensus statements, and public comments. Learn more about recent examples of syntheses we've led or facilitated, including (1) comments on the developing National Ocean Policy, (2) a publication in Marine Policy (Tallis et al. 2010) on ways to approach EBM from multiple starting points, and (3) a recent publication (Doney et al. 2012) on climate change impacts in marine systems in the Annual Review of Marine Science. 

Workshops and Working Groups

COMPASS hosts workshops to engage diverse groups of scientists to synthesize existing science, generate new research agendas, seed new collaborations, or explore ways to more effectively connect emerging science to policy audiences. We also host or engage in ongoing working group meetings of scientists to explore topics in more depth. Our last workshop explored how to define and document marine conservation success.

Conferences & Meetings

We help scientists communicate across their work at meetings by designing symposia (here's a recent session we organized at AAAS), serving as discussion moderators, and coaching scientists as they prepare their talks. We also organize special events to connect scientists with policy audiences.