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Short-term contract project for a visual/graphic designer

COMPASS seeks a designer with data and concept visualization experience to help us describe our theory of change visually. COMPASS is dedicated to helping scientists connect themselves and their science to the wider world. By giving scientists the communication tools they need, and by bridging the worlds of science, journalism and policy, COMPASS works to ensure that science is better understood and used by society.

Project Description

We are looking for a designer to provide their creative input, visual communication savvy, and graphic design capabilities to develop a visually compelling theory of change that describes our work and impact in the world.
A robust and well-articulated theory of change is an essential component of describing what an organization does and why it matters. Our theory of change will primarily be used in fundraising, although we may chose to develop materials for other audiences (especially scientists).
We can describe (verbally and in writing) what we want this theory of change to depict, and would like to work with a graphic designer to help us develop materials that describe these concepts visually, including:

  • A 1-2 page static theory of change (that we could hand someone, use as a leave behind, include in proposals — possibly to be posted on our website if we deem it appropriate)
  • A handful of animated (“build”) slides in keynote describing these same concepts, but in a more dynamic way, that we can use in talks about what we do

We have some complexities to how our work connects to itself and to changes in the world, but we believe with some smart and creative graphics, we can distill these concepts to be simple and digestible and powerful. This work will involve discussing COMPASS’ theory of change with leadership at COMPASS, brainstorming ideas of how to visually convey it, and then creating the materials described above.

We anticipate this being a small but important project (we are hoping for a total of week’s time, over a two week period).
If you are interested, please connect with Sarah Sunu at [email protected]. We appreciate hearing from you by Sept. 26th, as we would like to complete this work by late October.