Making Connections

Strong communicators tell compelling stories, focus discussions, and inform and influence the way we think about people and the planet. Strong communicators listen, learn, adapt and incorporate new perspectives and questions into their research. Strong communicators are leaders and consider the broader relevance of their work and their field’s work.

Grounded in the latest research on science communication, our in-depth, highly interactive, and personalized trainings will empower you to find the relevance of your science for the audiences you most want to reach –journalists, policymakers, the public, leaders within your institution, and even other scientists. We can help you set your engagement goals and motivate you to reach them. COMPASS trainers are pioneers in the practice of science communication – we understand the complexities of public understanding and decision-making about environmental topics, and bring our insights and relationships to help you consider how, when, and to whom your science is most relevant, and how to best engage.

All COMPASS trainings feature the Message Box, a simple but powerful tool to help you distill what you know and why it matters for your particular audience. Building on that core, we offer a range of options to help you hone and enhance your engagement skills. We can combine, customize, and tailor options to fit your needs. Download our Trainings Overview document for an overview of our training offerings, pricing, and more.

We often continue to work with scientists we’ve trained, by providing individual coaching and by connecting them to other audiences, to put their skills into practice.

We recommend browsing a copy of Escape from the Ivory Tower written by COMPASS’ Nancy Baron, with support from the COMPASS team. This easy and inspiring read summarizes the practical advice to scientists we have shared through the years.

Our Stories

For 15 years, we have trained, coached, and connected thousands of scientists. Here are a few of their stories and ours:

Wildfire: Communication workshops to find common ground

Jenna Jambeck: Communicating clearly in the spotlight

Scott Doney: Bridging the science-policy gap