COMPASS at the 2013 OAPI Meeting

In September 2013, COMPASS held a series of events in conjunction with the second U.S. Ocean Acidification Principal Investigators’ Meeting at the Kellogg Conference Hotel in Washington DC.

Ocean Acidification Communication Workshop

First was a two-day workshop co-led by Assistant Director of Science, Heather Galindo, and Assistant Director of Science Outreach, Liz Neeley. Similar to the event COMPASS held prior to OHCO2W in September 2012, the workshop focused on enabling the 20 participating scientists to crystallize their core messages to more effectively communicate their individual research, as well as the state of ocean acidification science as a whole. With an emphasis on collaborative thinking and cross-pollination, the scientists identified their stories that bring ocean acidification science to light to answer the tough questions that policy makers and the public want to know: "So what? Why does this matter? And, what should we do about it?" Participants put their new approaches into action by developing 30-second elevator speeches, exploring social media, and participating in mock interviews with an accomplished set of journalists:

You can find the list of participants on Twitter and see photos from the workshop on our Facebook page.

Ocean Acidification Tapas

In conjunction with the organizers of the OAPI Meeting, Liz Neeley facilitated a lively discussion among a set of journalists and scientists from the workshop to kick off the larger conference. The discussions, focused on the challenges and opportunities of communicating ocean acidification science to the media, spilled over into the reception that followed.

Message Box Workshop

Heather Galindo facilitated a one-hour Message Box workshop for over 70 OAPI Meeting participants during lunch. After a brief presentation, participants got to work honing their own research down to the core messages and getting feedback from their peers.